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Save money when you go solar with the trusted, local experts.

Sandbar Solar is the choice for residential and commercial projects

Locally owned and operated, Sandbar Solar & Electric has the largest and most efficient team of solar power experts in Santa Cruz County, delivering the quality and value that businesses, organizations, and homeowners deserve.

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Local means everything to us.

Here in Santa Cruz, California, we know that everyone uses the same sun, but we feel like every solar system we install comes with a special dash of our local sun.

Locally owned and operated, Sandbar Solar & Electric has the largest crew of solar system installers in Santa Cruz County. We help organizations and homeowners go solar — from San Francisco and San Jose all the way to Salinas and Monterey. ➡︎ Learn more

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We are solar experts

The experienced engineers, project managers, and installers at Sandbar Solar & Electric are solar energy experts who’ve completed hundreds of projects. ➡︎ Meet our team

Going solar is easy.

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Expertise. Value. Integrity.

Talk to anyone in the know about solar power in Santa Cruz County and beyond. We have a long-time, outstanding reputation for designing and installing large, complex projects — as well as for efficiency and professionalism on smaller residential projects.

And we do it all with our Santa Cruz culture intact. No corporate sales pitch. No confusing contracts. No hidden fees. We help you save money and the environment by installing high-quality systems at a competitive price. ➡︎ Learn more